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srgs woodwork

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I’m a maker of bespoke, handcrafted wooden furniture and homeware items. I created srgs woodwork in order to provide a friendly small-scale, customer-led service. I would be delighted to discuss any potential projects with you, so please contact me and I will promptly get back to you.

Member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen

I occupy a modest workshop a short walk from our home where I live with my
wife and daughter in rural north-east Herefordshire. Whilst it’s small scale,
the shop is furnished with an array of hand tools and woodworking machines;
everything I need to create handmade and custom-produced pieces of furniture and woodware.

During 2019 I made the decision to resign from my steady job within historic building conservation in order to become a full-time, self-employed maker of woodwork. Whilst working with historic buildings I was always drawn to the practical work carried out. The tools, materials and construction methods still in operation and borne out of centuries of making and repairing held real fascination, and the necessary, tangible craft skills learnt and honed greatly appealed to me. The Arts and Crafts movement therefore has a certain resonance in that I believe there will always be a significant place for high quality, hand crafted objects as antidote to machine-made mass production.

Beautiful hardwoods are essential to achieve a high quality finish. These are sourced from local timber yards and saw mills.
Occasionally, wood is upcycled from unwanted pieces of furniture, or I am fortunate to be gifted timber
from generous folk who are keen to see it given a new lease of life.

I commissioned a small table, to sit by a new sofa and just specified the size, shape and wood colour. Samuel checked a few details, made some suggestions and then I left it to him. It was great that he shared pics of the process in real time via Instagram, but I decided not to look, so it would be a surprise to see the real thing. I wasn’t disappointed – it was perfect!

Beautifully designed and made – the joints in themselves are a joy to look at. And although it sounds a bit reductive to say that it’s robust, but it really does feel solid! There’s probably a term that furniture makers use for the FEEL of quality and whatever that word is, I would apply it.

The finish is beautiful too! (Don’t know the word for that either). Anyway, a word I feel confident using is CHUFFED!

Philip Collie, Glos

I am located in rural north-east Herefordshire, a short drive from the market town of Bromyard.
My woodworking vocation began in a terraced-house basement in Cheltenham, but the pull of big skies,
big trees, green fields and the soundtrack of wildlife was too strong to ignore.
Relocating to Herefordshire allowed for a workshop surrounded by nature and inspiration.


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